About Us


Employers Health is a national coalition of employers passionately committed to empower plan sponsors to deliver high-quality healthcare benefits at a sustainable cost.


In 2009, the City of Everett was at the end of their Pharmacy Benefit Management contract with CVS Caremark. Seeking a solution for rapidly increasing costs, their consultant discovered a group of large employers in the Midwest that had joined together to leverage their purchasing power. The Employers Health Coalition of Ohio, with 125 employers and $700 million annual drug spend, comprised one of the largest drug purchasing blocks in the US with. Coincidentally, CVS Caremark was their PBM partner. A study to assess the potential economic advantage of joining the EHCO indicated that joining the EHCO would result in a 17% reduction in Rx costs.

In 2010, The EHCW was incorporated as a nonprofit (501-C-6) in order to provide Washington employers with access to this advantaged purchasing channel. EHCW is a member organization of Employers Health Coalition of Ohio. The EHCO has since changed its name to Employers Health.

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Since its inception, the EHCW has expanded its menu of programs, resources, and preferred pricing to include partnerships and programs that create pricing efficiency for nearly every aspect of a comprehensive benefits package.

The EHCW purchasing strategies reduce costs for public, private, and nonprofit employers.