On-site Clinics

The United States spends twice as much per capita on healthcare than the second highest spender (Switzerland). And yet, the World Health Organization ranks the United States 38th in measurable health outcomes. We have proven that spending more does not get us a better result.

At the EHCW, we are demonstrating how to get a better result without spending more money.

Employer-sponsored on-site or near-site clinics are changing the game. In every economic system, the party providing the capital has the most leverage. Our consumer directed medical home (CDMH) strategy leverages the employer’s position as the “payor” to make a difference for their employees and flatten health costs.

In 2007, the city of Mesquite, Texas partnered with the Mesquite School District to jointly operate a clinic for their members. By 2013, their healthcare costs were only 3% higher than in 2007. Learn more about this in our published article, “Public Employers are Changing the Healthcare Game with On-Site Clinics”, or contact the EHCW at 206-204-9127 or krobertson@alliant.com.