On-Site Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have several thousand employees to afford a clinic?

  • No. Employer-sponsored clinics have been operated successfully by employers of 150 employees with part-time clinic hours. An employer or combination of employers with 350 or more employees can easily operate a clinic.

We don’t have the resources or expertise to get into the medical provider business.

  • Employers contract with a vendor to operate the clinic on a contract basis. Doctors and clinic staff are the employees of the contractor.

What about all of that liability?

  • The employer is indemnified and the clinic operator is responsible for all risks associated with the operation of the clinic.

I’ve seen those clinics in the lobby of a grocery store. What if our employees won’t use a second-rate clinic?

  • These clinics are first-rate, often nicer than what people are used to. The facility itself is the least costly aspect of the clinic operation. All equipment is state-of-the-art and brand new. A site tour of an existing clinic will completely change any negative perceptions about the clinic.

Clinic Photo exam room - moon project

Would really good doctors ever want to work at this sort of a clinic?

  • Sadly, doctors are very frustrated with the state of medicine. In a recent survey of 12,000 physicians, only 6% reported positive morale. Openings for clinical staff in these clinics receive very high interest from very highly-experienced and qualified doctors. Great care is put into selecting the staff that is a good cultural fit for your population.

Do people have to change their doctors?

  • No. First, clinic use is optional. Members are encouraged to maintain relationship with current doctors. However, it has been our experience that employees are happy to save money and time by using the clinic for most primary care concerns. The clinic staff will keep your regular doctor informed of your care at the clinic.

What about confidentiality?

  • This clinic is a clinic in every right. It is subject to the same standards of professionalism and federal HIPAA regulations as any other medical provider.

If you, or your organization, are interested in more information or an assessment of the feasibility of operating an employer sponsored clinic, please contact:

Employers Health Coalition of Washington
Attn: Keith Robertson, Executive Director