Becoming a Coalition Member

How to Join

There are two ways to belong to and benefit from the EHC of Oregon/Washington.


Participating Membership:

Employers that select and implement an EHC program complete an EHC of Oregon and Washington participating membership application. This membership may include certain dues or fees disclosed and included in quoted rates provided by your selected broker/consultant. Your broker/consultant will provide a membership application form.

Professional Membership:

This membership option is free of charge and availbale to HR and finance professionals. Professional Members receive the following benefits at no cost:

  • Thorough and comprehensive compliance information. Stay current with federal, state, and local benefits related regulations and guidance through our regular newsletter, updates, and webinar invitations. (EHC of Oregon and Washington contracts with Alliant for its compliance information. In addition, you will receive compliance information from your selected broker/consultant)
  • Free second opinions regarding any benefits-related question provided from any approved EHC of Oregon and Washington representative.
  • Free quotes for EHC of Oregon and Washington programs.

Professional Membership Application

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